Couple celebrate 30 years at Invicta

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Vanessa and Ady enjoy a perfect partnership

Husband and wife team Vanessa and Ady Boyes have recently celebrated a special anniversary. They have both worked for 30 years at Invicta!

Three decades ago, the couple joined the company just two months apart and although they had met each other through mutual friends prior to starting their employment, it was not until they worked together that romance blossomed. The couple married in 1997.

"One of the fantastic things about Invicta is the friendly, family atmosphere," said Vanessa who is in charge of the sales office. "People often ask what it's like to work with your spouse but it's great being part of the same team and sharing that common ground."

Ady started out at Invicta hand-crafting tins in the factory and is now one of the drivers, delivering products across the UK. "Vanessa organises the orders and I deliver them, so in every respect we are the perfect partnership," he said. "I enjoy getting out and about meeting Invicta's customers, some of whom I have known for many years."