Invicta achieves ISO 9001 accreditation

By Invicta Bakeware
schedule16th Dec 23

Invicta has had its ISO 9001 accreditation renewed for another year as a benchmark of quality management.

We are delighted to announce that following a comprehensive audit, Invicta has had its ISO 9001 accreditation renewed.

ISO 9001 is a measurable standard for quality management systems developed by the International Organisation for Standardisation. It demonstrates that a company has globally recognised processes and procedures in place to make sure that customers get consistent, good quality services.

The main goal of ISO 9001 is to maintain effective processes, supported by the right level of resource, to deliver a high-quality service on a repeatable basis. These standards are based on a number of quality management principles including a strong customer focus, motivation of top management, and continuous improvement.

Ensuring these mechanisms are in place helps us to improve and maintain quality across all of our services.

An organisation must be re-certified annually in order to maintain their ISO 9001 certification status.