Invicta expert is quoted in British Baker article

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Business Development Manager, Lee Croucher, adds expert voice to British Baker feature.

Invicta prides itself on the in-depth knowledge and hands-on experience of its sales team who are always pleased to offer up-to-the-minute advice, particularly when it comes to choosing and maintaining equipment.

It is an expertise that is also widely recognised within the industry at large, which is why Invicta was approached by British Baker magazine for help with a recent article on using the best tins and trays for the job. You can read the full article here:

This is something that our Business Development Manager, Lee Croucher (pictured above), is particularly knowledgeable about having worked for many years in the area of product supply and development, in addition to his own widespread practical bakery experience.

“I have worked both as a craft baker and in a large plant environment, which is really useful when advising Invicta’s wide range of clients. I know what they want to achieve, the pressures they are under, and how important it is to be as efficient and cost-effective as possible,” said Lee.

“There are many products available and the choice can sometimes be bewildering – especially for start-ups and new businesses. I always give totally honest and frank advice on what is most suitable and will achieve the best possible results. Getting the right product from the start and avoiding the common pitfalls is so important and often saves time and money in the long run,” he added.

To speak to Lee or one of our other expert advisors, please call 01751 473483.