Thumbs up from CBA President

By Invicta Bakeware
schedule23rd Feb 23

We recently hosted a visit from Craft Bakers Association President, Neil Woods. Read what he had to say.


We recently hosted a visit from Craft Bakers Association President, Neil Woods. It was lovely to meet him and great to chat about the industry with someone so knowledgeable and experienced. Neil has been at the heart of the bakery industry for over 50 years and has worked in a variety of settings from craft bakeries to plant and instore operations. He really knows the ‘ins and outs’ of the trade and has seen many trends come and go.

It is particularly reassuring to us that he is a strong advocate of high-quality, British-made products, backed by good, old-fashioned customer service and trading values. It’s what Invicta stands for and makes us stand out from the crowd.

“Invicta has served bakers for over a century. The firm has seen us through times of great change, including two world wars and most recently the Covid pandemic. It has proven its ability and also longevity, and has adapted to meet the changing needs of the industry whilst maintaining its strong commitment to excellent customer service and superior product quality,” said Neil.

“It is wonderful to see a British manufacturing firm at the top of its game and I would urge people to try out Invicta products for themselves. I was certainly very impressed with what I saw, which ranged from traditional baking tins to innovative new products. It’s the perfect blend of modern techniques combined with the skills and know-how of a great manufacturing heritage,” he added.

Neil was also keen to hear about our bespoke services, which make up an increasing amount of our orders. Today’s customers are looking for workable solutions that meet their exact requirements and we are able to provide far more than the standard product ranges. We also offer complete bakery re-fits and our advice – gleaned from over a century’s worth of trading – is always freely given.

We are delighted to meet with our customers, and are happy to arrange visits across the UK by our experienced sales team. Alternatively, people are always welcome to come and see us. Our doors are always open! We not only serve large and small bakers but also those from across the wider catering and food processing industries. Many customers have been with us for years, which is particularly gratifying.

PHOTO CAPTION: Neil Woods is pictured at Invicta's factory with (left to right) Sales Office Manager Vanessa Boyes, Managing Director Martin Brown and Coatings Specialist Trevor Talbot.

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